Friday, March 30, 2012

Lion in the Valley by Elizabeth Peters


Once you get started on a series, you get hooked!!

This is the fourth book of Amelia Peabody that I'm reading and I am loving it (as the advertisement goes!)

Even the cutie Ramses has grown on me. Though I disagree with her parenting skills. I don't think it is right to keep criticizing your offspring so much, no matter how precocious he may be!!

I also like the series because it tells you a bit about the ancient culture of Egypt - beyond just the pyramids. You learn about Ramses, Sethos, archaeology, Sneferu. I believe all the sites written about in the books are real. For example, a place called Dahshur with the Black Pyramid actually does exist. So do the Mazghuna pyramids.

I hope to go to Egypt one day and see these pyramids. It would be SO AWESOME!!

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