Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

I know I know I know... how typical. What can I say? I am a Dan Brown fan!! So it only makes sense that I went out and bought the latest Dan Brown over Diwali, sat and read it as fast I could.

Let me just say that the pace of the novel - was good. I would seriously recommend it to anyone and everyone. It would help if you've read Angels and Demons and Da Vinci Code - just so that you get to know Robert Langdon a little bit better.

I think Tom Hanks does a brilliant role as Robert Langdon and he's so effective that when you're reading the book, you just picture him. I think that is a great way for an actor to progress.

So this one is set in Washington DC. I liked that city and I could relate to a lot of the places mentioned in the book. Some inane ones will most likely become crowded tourist spots after this book. And after the movie, who knows?

One thing that disappointed me was that I got the twist even before the latter half of the book began. That got me thinking that either I've watched too many films, or I've gotten used to his writing style. I don't ever think that I even guessed the twist in Angels and Demons (which btw the movie did not bring up at all); but this one was easy peasy...

So no great surprise - except the last bit. What exactly is the secret that the Brotherhood is trying so hard to hide? This mysterious group of Freemasons, which even George Washington belonged to.

I won't give that away.