Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why so Stupid? by Edward De Bono

This books looks at how one thinks. I read it in February and didn't have the chance to post online about it till now.
Edward de Bono is one of the world's foremost thinkers. He is credited with the term "Lateral Thinking" which is used so freely nowadays. He originated the term PO - provocative thinking and advocates the use of "hats" - white hat (information, careful, critical, thinking), red hat (emotions, feelings, intuitions), black hat (negative), yellow hat (logical) and green hat (creativity). He does not like the thinking process to be based on argumentation.
According to him, the same person who is advocating a particular idea should be made to also go against it. In that way the thinking and decision making of the idea will be honed. He says that he would like to see constructive and creative intelligence rated above critical intelligence.
It is an interesting book and interesting idea.
I don't agree with his solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. I don't think zinc levels in people's blood streams have anything to do with it.

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