Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Girl who played with Fire

By Steig Larsson
I first came across this series online when I saw a book club trying to get members to read the first of the series. I was curious and got an audio copy of the book from a friend, which I read. It was a bit strange to be reading a book while listening to it, but I had a lot of long car journeys at that time and it made perfect sense.
The second in the series was interesting and had you guessing till the end. Steig Larsson really has come up with the most unpredictable heroine. I really liked the book and can't wait to start the third one.
I'd bought the book for my brother - he's on the first one.
In 2008, Steig Larsson had become the 2nd best selling author in the world after Khaled Hosseini. However, he never lived to see what a sensation his books had become, because at 50 he passed away of a heart attack. Some conspiracy theories have been raised surrounding his death, but nothing concrete has emerged to suggest that it was deliberate or not natural.
I read somewhere online that at 15 Steig Larsson had witnessed a rape, and hadn't helped. However since then he abhorred all violence against women.
Awesome storyline. Kudos to the imagination.
Which is limitless...

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