Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Bronte Project by Jennifer Vandever

Bought on Mehrauli Gurgaon road, this was a purchase I thought well made.

It tells the story of Sara Frost, a young research scholar working a the University trying to find her way in the Academic world of literature through her search for lost letters from Charlotte Bronte.

I didn't know but Charlotte Bronte only wrote three novels - Jane Eyre, The Professor and Vilette. I (am sad to confess), have not read any. I have seen Jane Eyre on television; but not read any of the novels. Wuthering Heights was apparently Emily Bronte's only novel - but that too I have not seen. Anne Bronte is best known for Agnes Grey.

I do plan to rectify this situation though. The Brontes were undoubtedly talented but led a sad life. Their mom died at a very early age and one by one, so did all the siblings. They grew up in an environment which was hostile, full of death. Their talent was not encouraged and at that time, not recognised.

The Bronte Project I didn't like so much. But what I did like was the independence of the lead character. The book loses its way sometimes and the plot, which was the chief reason why I didn't warm up to it. I didn't think that her life (Sara Frost's) was in any way similar to Charlotte Brontes' - nor could I see how reading her letters was a source of inspiration for Sara Frost. The connection was tenuous and in some places forced.

Why Mr Emmot I still can't understand? Was it like a play on Mr Darcy? Bizarre.

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